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A List Of Crafty Places I Like To Visit Crochet Boards
crochet links Hobbies
links to many different hobbies

A.C. Moore
their craft projects online

free beading instructions, info & projects

Ben Franklin Crafts
instructions to a variety of different craft projects

Bid Crafts
auction dedicated to all different crafts

Crafters Community
all types of different crafts

Dezan's Craft Page
crafts for kids / daycares

Do It Yourself Network
tons of stuff...including crafts!

The Family Corner
crafts to do with children

Family Fun
craft projects

Home & Garden Television
HGTV Online ~ did you miss something on the show...look it up here!

Hobby Lobby Crafting Ideas
tons of different crafts complete with their instructions

Make Stuff
a place for people who just like to make stuff

Stitch Guide
learn how to do that stitch or refresh your memory...
shows...Crochenit, Crochet, Crochet-Tatting, Crochet on the Double, Cross Stitch,
Embroidery, Filet Crochet, Knitting, Plastic Canvas, Quilting/Sewing and Tatting

World Of Felt
tons of projects to make with felt

any questions?? feel free to email me...

I, IN NO WAY, endorse or recommend any of links on my
pages they are simply places that I enjoy visiting
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