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just different places that I like to go visit...

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*~*~*Miscellaneous & Helpful Sites*~*~*

over 53,000 searchable quotes
a place to buy all kinds of different posters

AVG Anti-Virus System
free anti-virus protection!

Microsoft Product Support
a database of common errors & problems and solutions

Printable Checklists
checklists for home, internet, business, special occasions, etc...

U.S. House of Representatives

U.S. Senate

White House

*~*~*TV Shows & Stations*~*~*


American Idol

America's Most Wanted



Discovery Channel

Fox TV

HGTV ~ Home & Garden Television

House Calls with Ron Hazelton

Lifetime TV

Mrs. FIXIT "FIXIT Yourself" Easy Home Repair web site!



TLC - The Learning Channel

Trading Spaces

TV Guide

Unsolved Mysteries

WGN-TV (Chicago)

*~*~*Health & Fitness*~*~*

Calories Burned Calculator
see how many calories you burn doing your activities

Dotti's Weight Loss Zone
Tons of useful information for people doing Weight Watchers!

Leslie Sansone
Walk Away The Pounds in home walking program

Oprah Mind and Body
Oprah's pages dedicated to a healthier lifestyle

Walk Away The Pounds
another page to see the benefits of the program

Weight Watchers
you can read the message boards & get free tips and recipes here

*~*~*Reunion Services*~*~*



*~*~*E-Mail Hoaxes, Urban Legends & Other Places*~*~*


Hoax Busters

Truth or Fiction

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