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Welcome to
My List Of Cross Stitch Links

I have found tons of these links and because I can not remember them all...
I have created these pages...mainly for my own personal use...
but you are more than welcome to click away at the links too!

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1-2-3 Stitch!
internet shopping ~ don't forget to enter the monthly contest

1-2-3 Stitch ~ Daily Sale Page
the sale item changes everyday...see what it is today!!

1-2-3 Stitch ~ Free & Fun Page
patterns, links and fabric calculators

2 Busy Stitching
internet shopping ~ free charts

A ~ A ~ A ~ A ~ A

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A Stitch and a Prayer
designs that feature Christian and family themes ~ free designs
tons of different info & free designs

Acadian Corner
online shopping...stitching charts

Agulha de Ouro
free designs

Aion Designs
British designer, Christine-Ann Martin

All Stitched Up
internet shopping

American School of Needlework
browse and order your favorite books from their online catalog

American Whimsy
patterns for sale and freebies too!

AnnaLee Waite Designs
her online catalog ~ a free design is available

Annie's Attic
their online catalog & shopping for all different types of needlearts

Another Time Designs
designs dedicated to beautiful women of all ages and all eras

Ant of Sweden
lots of cute free designs ~ designs for sale also

Aon Celtic Art
some free designs

At River's End
their online catalog & some free designs

B ~ B ~ B ~ B ~ B

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Barbara & Cheryl
their online catalog

Better Homes & Gardens
free cross stitch projects

Black Swan Designs
their online catalog ~ free designs available

The Blended Needle
beautiful washable hand dyed cross stitch fabrics

Blue Blossom
a couple of free charts

Boyd Designs
antique santas and outdoor scenes

Brooke's Books Publishing
designer, Brooke A. Nolan ~ free patterns

Busy Needle
a full-service LNS in Rogers, Arkansas

C ~ C ~ C ~ C ~ C

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Calico Crossroads
online catalog for designer, Linda Connors

CameoRoze's Stitcher's Studio
**tons of terrific cross stitch information and tips**

Caron Collection
an online magazine with free designs

Cat Cross Stitch Archive
free cat cross stitch designs

Cathie's Cupboard and Crafts
designer, Cathie Farr ~ unique charts available ~ will also create a chart from your picture

Cats Meow Village
beautiful two-dimensional, wooden, miniature, hand crafted buildings and accessories
***free cross stitch patterns too (Santas & Snowmen)!

Charles Craft Fabrics
their online catalog ~ free design available

Chatelaine Martina Weber
designer's website ~ links to the Mystery Samplers

Cheryl's Creations
lots of free design available

The Chocolate Cat
designer, Terri Carl ~ free chart

Classic Pooh Bear & Friends
free designs

Classic Stitches
a UK magazine online ~ lots of free patterns!

Clwyd Needlecrafts
a LNS in North Wales ~ free patterns

Coats Crafts UK / Anchor
free charts available

software for generating cross stitch charts

Conversion Charts
**DMC to many different types of threads & beads

Cottage Creek Cross-Stitch
they offer coat of arms series, photo to chart, fine art, folk art and stamps

Couchman Creations
Australian designer, Karen Couchman ~ free patterns!

Count On Cross Stitch
free patterns!

Count Your Blessings
cyber-shop located in Baltimore, Maryland

Counted Cross Stitch, Needlework, and Stitchery Page
A wonderful link that will answer you every stitching question!
**There are a wide variety of links on this page which makes
this page very helpful to all stitchers and a must visit!

a lns in New Zealand

Covered Crossings Stitchery
scenic designs from around the US for purchase

Cozy Cottage
stands, frames & ott-lites

Craft Designs for You
designer, Cherie Marie Leck ~ free desings

Crafter's Community ~ Needlework Board
needlecraft message boards

the Cross Stitcher magazine online

Crafter's Market
internet shopping from Chesapeake, VA ~ enter free monthly drawing

publisher and manufacture of needlecraft leaflets, kits software and other accessories
featured designers include...Kitty & Me Country Crafts, Pamela Kellogg;
Realm of Dreams, Teri Rasmussen George; Teixeira Designs, Nellie Teixeira

Crazy for Cross Stitch
the magazine online ~ lots of free patterns

Creative Stitches
embroidery store in Utah ~ free design available?

Crescent Colours
hand dyed fabrics & fibers for purchase

Cross Country Stitching
the home of Cross Country Stitching Magazine and Jeremiah Junction Leaflets

Cross My Heart, Inc.
their online catalog

Cross Stitch and More
*a web store with some free charts

Cross Stitch Collectibles
counted cross stitch patterns of the fine arts

Cross Stitch Creative
**German site with beautiful free charts from photos
(click on gallery)

Cross Stitch Gallery
cross-stitch magazine from the UK ~ free patterns available

Cross Stitch Keepsakes
Cross Stitch Keepsakes ~ a web store with free pattern links

Cross Stitch Wonders
web site of designer Marcia Manning ~ free design available

Crossed Wing Collection
designer with free design

Crossing Montana
designer, Susan Stadler, carousel horse designs ~ free designs

database program that allows you to enter and maintain details on all your threads, charts and projects
original cross-stitch patterns online ~ buy & print from the internet ~ free patterns!
patterns for same & some free patterns available
UK magazines, The World of Cross Stitching, Cross Stitch Crazy,
Cross Stitch Card Shop and Cross Stitch GOLD ~ free charts!!

enter user name: cross and password: stitch

Cuddly Koala
free Australian cross stitch catalogue

Curtis Boehringer

Cyber Stitchers
browse other people's stitching!
**also fabric calculator, other useful tools & links to freebies!

D ~ D ~ D ~ D ~ D

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Dancing Violet Needlework Designs
**free designs for Christmas ornaments, pillows, floral, miniature rugs and more.

Dark Lilac
Counted cross stitch, paint-by-numbers, stamped cross stitch, yarn, needlework, scrapbooking

Debbie Patrick Designs
designer's online catalog ~ victorian designs

The Design Connection
their online catalog of available designs

Designs of Joy
custom charts from your picture or drawing ~ free charts available

their online catalog

Discount Needlework
thread conversions ~ also shopping for a variety of supplies

lists of all their available colors and free projects

Doop Designs
their online catalog ~ free desings available

Dracolair Creations
dragon & fantasy designs ~ free design available

Dragon Dreams
their online catalog ~ free desings available

Dragon Fire Designs
their online catalog ~ a free design is available!

Dunmani Designs
*free designs from Clair Coult

The Dye Is Cast
beautiful hand-dyed threads and fabrics

Dyeing 4 U
hand-dyed fabric website

E ~ E ~ E ~ E ~ E

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Elegant Stitch
internet shopping from Modesto, California

Elizabeth's Designs
designer with free design

EMS Designs
designer, Ellen Maurer-Stroh

EMS Designs - Cross Stitch Board
designer, Ellen Maurer-Stroh ~ link to her free designs
membership is required - but it is free :)

Eterna Silk
their online silk thread catalog ~ free designs

A Wonderful Online Shop...don't forget to check out their weekly sale!

F ~ F ~ F ~ F ~ F

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Fabric Calculator
shows you just how much fabric you will need for any project :)

Fanci That
designer with free design

Fancifuls, Inc.
brass charms

fouroaks designs
finishing techniques and framing tips ~ free pattern

Free Cross Stitch Patterns Newsletter
Weekly newsletter with all the latest new free patterns on the Internet, list of
all websites with free patterns, help with finding a pattern and lots more.

Free Cross Stitch Patterns Newsletter Database of Freebie Links
A database of websites with free patterns.

Free Patterns
site is in Italian

Free Patterns Online
designer, Carrie Luhmann Pieniozek ~ tons of free patterns

Freebies by various designers
a collection of free patterns by different designers

From Debbie Cripps
designer's online shop ~ a free design available

G ~ G ~ G ~ G ~ G

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The Gentle Art
"gently" overdyed floss called sampler threads

stitching service

Gloria and Pat
the online catalog for this designer

Glory Bee
designer with free design

Green Apple Co., Inc.
their online catalog

*tons of free designs - website is in French? though

H ~ H ~ H ~ H ~ H

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Hard To Find Needlework Books
look here for some of theose hard to find books and magazines

Heart in Hand Needleart
the online catalog for this designer

The Heart’s Content
the online catalog for designer Maureen Appleton

Heartland House Designs
unique cross stitch adapted from museum collections, architecture & world famous places

online shopping for all needlecrafts ~ free patterns also

Hoffman Distributing Company
a great place to browse through all the wonderful patterns out there

Hoffman's New Book Listing
a convenient way to see a list of the new leaflets that came out during the month

Hook 'n Needle
internet shopping from Westport, CT

I ~ I ~ I ~ I ~ I

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a place to view their many different designers and products

Ireland In Stitches
designer with free cute, quick to stitch designs

J ~ J ~ J ~ J ~ J

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Janlynn Needlearts
their online catalog ~ free designs available (project of the month)

Jean Farish
designer with free designs

Jeanette Ardern Designs
a Canadian designer with lots of great designs

Jeanette Crews Designs, Inc
her online catalog ~ free designs available

Jill Oxton's Cross Stitch and Beading
the magazine's online website

Jo-Ann Fabrics and Crafts
a list of all their yarn & stitchery projects

Journey's End
designer, Tanya Marie Anderson with free designs & shopping

Just Cross Stitch
the magazine is online ~ free chart

Just Nan
online catalog for designer, Nan Caldera

K ~ K ~ K ~ K ~ K

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K's Creations
lap, floor and scroll frames and other stitching accessories

KEK Designs
designer with free designs

Kind Stitchworks
patterns of different sites from states across America ~ free designs available

Kitty & Me Designs
designs by Pamela Kellogg ~ free designs available

their online thread center with free designs available

L ~ L ~ L ~ L ~ L

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their online catalog

Leisure Arts
books, magazines, leaflets, and more covering needlework, crafts

Lilootes et Compagnie
**tons of conversion charts and free charts**

Linda Myers

Lisa Overduin Designs
designer, with free?? monthly design

**designer, free designs available

Lorri Birmingham Designs
designer, Lorri Birmingham's online catalog

Lynne Nicoletti
canadian designer with free designs

M ~ M ~ M ~ M ~ M

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Marilyn's Online Needlework Catalog
cyber shopping from Grand Rapids, MI

Mary Maxim
needlework and crafts by mail

Michaels ~ The Arts and Crafts Store
free cross stitch projects

Mill Hill
their online catalog of beads

designer's site

The MonkeyWorks
designer with free designs

Mosey 'n Me!
designer with free designs

Mufu's Rabbitry and Cross Stitch, Inc.
designs by Mufu

Mystic Stitch
**beautiful designs for purchase

N ~ N ~ N ~ N ~ N

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Nancy Spruance Designs
victorian house designs ~ free patterns

Needle Necessities
their online catalog of overdyed floss ~ free projects

Needle Necessities
their online catalog of overdyed floss ~ free projects

The Needle's Content
designer, Annemiek Koning's online catalog of very beautiful designs

Needlework designs by Carol Beck
designer, Carol Beck's online catalog of designs

Nordic Needle
internet shopping for all types of needleart ~ free projects

O ~ O ~ O ~ O ~ O

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Odds & Ins
an auction site dedicated to cross stitch

Offe's Cross Stitch
Åsa Tolke, a Swedish designer ~ free charts

Olde Willow Stitchery
their online catalog of hand dyed threads ~ free projects

a place to find discontinued or old cross stitch designs

great light to stitch with

Over the Moon Designs
stitch index for cross stitch and hardanger stitches

Ozark Sampler
cross stitch designs and supplies

P ~ P ~ P ~ P ~ P

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Passione e Crocette
free cute designs ~ from Italy?

Paula Vaughan
the designer's homepage

Paw Prints
internet shopping from a LNS in Columbus, OH

Pegasus Originals, Inc.
their online catalog

Permin of Copenhagen – Danish Art Needlework
their online catalog with a monthly freebie ~ look in the "news" section

Pine Glen Designs
freebies available in the newsletter archives

Posy Collection
cross stitch kits celebrating our national heritage ~ free charts available

Purrfect Spots
designer, Nan Baker

Q ~ Q ~ Q ~ Q ~ Q

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Q-Snap's online catalog
these are great frames to hold your fabric while you are stitching!

Quin's Auction
cross stitch items for auction...also known as Odds & Ins auctions

R ~ R ~ R ~ R ~ R

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Rainbow Gallery
their online catalog of their unique threads ~ free projects

The Rocking Horse
internet shopping from a LNS in Farmington, MI

The Round Robin
explains all about a round robin

Ukrainian Cross Stitch Site
beautiful charts for towels and blouses - can be used for borders

S ~ S ~ S ~ S ~ S

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San-Man Originals
cute little patterns & a freebie too!

Sew and So
internet shopping from the UK

Shakespeare's Peddler
a LNS in Fargo, ND ~ scroll down near the bottom of the page
**to the "Special Sections" for some great and helpful links!**

Shepherd's Bush
their online catalog

Silkweaver Fabrics
a wonderful place to buy hand dyed fabrics ~ free charts also

The Silver Needle
internet shopping with free charts

Simply Samplers
needlework samplers

Solaria Gallery
beautiful charts ~ some are free!

Sophisticated Stitcher
a web magazine ~ free designs available

Stitch Alley
tons of free charts & other cross stitch related links

Stitch Guide
learn a new stitching technique or get a refresher on all stitching techniques

Stitch N Frame
internet shopping from Des Moines, Iowa ~ Home of Springberry Kreek Designs

Stitcher's Closet
internet shopping

internet shopping ~ free patterns available

The Stitchery
internet shopping from their online catalog

Stitches 'N Stones
**cute kits & patterns ~ free charts too!

Stitches 'N Things
internet shopping

Stitchville USA
internet shopping

Stitchy Kitty
designers site with free designs available

Stoney Creek
a complete listing of all their publications

Sue's Cross Stitch Freebie Finder
site dedicated to listing links to free patterns on the web

T ~ T ~ T ~ T ~ T

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Thread Heaven
a conditioner to make thread easier to work with and last longer

Tink Boord-Dill Needlework
designer with free designs

Told In A Garden
designer, Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum ~ free designs

Treasured Tapestries
designer, Dianne Durgan Sobolewski ~ free designs

Treetrunk Designs
shop from their online catalog ~ free designs

TW Designworks
designer, Teresa Wentzler ~ designs listed and free designs

Twisted Threads
their complete online catalog of designs

U ~ U ~ U ~ U ~ U

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Ursula Michael Designs
online catalog for designer, Ursula Michael

V ~ V ~ V ~ V ~ V

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retail online shopping

Vermillion Stitchery
designer, Donna Vermillion Giampa ~ shopping & tons of free designs

The Victoria Sampler
site featuring designer, Thea Dueck ~ free designs available

Victoria Clayton
beautiful hand dyed silk products

Village Mountain Stitchery
great shopping & free designs

W ~ W ~ W ~ W ~ W

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Waxing Moon Designs
designer ~ with some free designs

Week's Dye Works
hand over dyed fibers

Wichelt Imports
see different fabrics, fibers and things put out by this company ~ free chart

Whispered by the Wind
**designer, Mari McDonald ~ a free designs available

Wild Threads
Canadian designer, Rebecca L. Grambo ~ a free design available

X ~ X ~ X ~ X ~ X

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X's & Oh's
Canadian designer, Joanne Gatenby ~ free designs available

Y ~ Y ~ Y ~ Y ~ Y

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tons of different info & free designs

Z ~ Z ~ Z ~ Z ~ Z

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their catalog of needlework fabric

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